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Compliance made easy

Easily improve safety and avoid penalties

ON!Track equipment management and tracking software automates and simplifies compliance to help you save time and avoid fines. When tools need maintenance or verification, it alerts you. When it’s time to renew training or certification it notifies you in advance.

An outdated system for managing compliance can cost you...

Wasted time

Manually having to check and monitor paperwork, compliance status, inspection intervals and similar factors is extremely time consuming and expensive.

Expensive errors

Non-digitized systems make it much easier to make errors. If you accidentally fail to renew mandatory Health & Safety accreditation, you could incur heavy fines.

Unsafe working practices

If your system lets inspection and maintenance intervals slip through the cracks, it’s possible that your workers will end up using unsafe equipment.

Loss of business

Many contracts are awarded on the condition that you meet specific accreditation and training criteria. Overlook renewals and you may be breaking contractual terms, or not be considered for a job in the future.

On!Track alerts dashboard

Never miss a compliance schedule again

Tested, maintained, verified

When any asset in your inventory needs testing, maintenance or needs to be verified for accuracy, ON!Track will automatically alert the people responsible – giving you peace of mind that your jobsite equipment is both more safe and more compliant.

Jobsite employees experiencing downtime


No more sifting through all those papers – always be audit ready

Be audit ready for all your equipment with "one click"  management of your daily reports and safety documents

  • Help keep your teams safer by keeping up to date with safety certifications digitally
  • Receive alerts for training and certification renewal dates
  • Efficiently manage certification documents for inspector requests
  • Immediately know who is certified to operate different tools and equipment before transferring assets to them


Person scanning a tool's QR code using the On!Track App

What can I manage?

  • Certificates and dates 
  • Tools 
  • Commodities 
  • Consumables 

(independent of type, model or manufacturer)

On!Track QR Code Stickers display

How do I manage?

  • Unique ID
  • Bluetooth tags
  • Barcode tags
  • Cloud-based solution, available 24/7
 Hilti associate explaining the ON!Track solution to a client

What support do I get?

  • Onsite consultation 
  • An individualized solution  
  • Full implementation with data upload and jobsite equipment tagging 
  • Onsite training and change management support  
  • First-class customer support

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